By Andrew Hall / January 3, 2018

Digital or customer first?

Rolling forward to today, consumers are more informed, empowered and willing to take control. Their loyalty is often based on the success and ease of a transaction rather than brand.

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By Andrew Hall / September 30, 2017

Intelligent Selling in a social age

Today, more than ever, sales is not simply an art form, it is a process and one that can be structured and executed on a cadence that should drive predictable and regular conversion to new business

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By Andrew Hall / November 30, 2016

The art of the sale

With up to 80% of customers deciding on their preferred solution before engaging a supplier directly, it’s clear that sales approaches in 2016 must be dramatically different.

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By Andrew Hall / May 3, 2016

Staying relevant through accurate & actionable customer insights

For millennials, making the switch to a different bank is not an issue. To this group, a bank is like a mobile device and can easily be changed based on the likes of affinity deals.... not simply on the quality of banking products or service.

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By Andrew Hall / March 3, 2016

Why does a complaint = compensation?

Over the last few weeks, I have had to deal with a few personal situations, some bigger than others, that...

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