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The advent of digital technology has transformed business and continues to do so. Your customers expect something different and no longer react or think about buying in the same way. To succeed and grow you need a more innovative approach to designing and executing your go to market strategy.

Many organisations, even those with great capabilities, believe that selling into is simply a matter of creating a sales team with some vague idea of value, and trusting to luck. Stratgen business strategy models remove the luck, we offer a method and approach to growing your business that delivers more predictable outcomes.

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Intelligent Selling

Over 65% of a sales process for a customer is carried out before engaging a seller. How effective is your digital marketing strategy to meet this reality? It's about social selling now.

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Our Approach

Stratgen approach for developing your go to market strategy seeks to embed best practice methods that link across social media marketing, social selling, sales execution and strategic account management.

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